Gestational Carrier / Surrogate

Types of Carriers …

One of the first steps for gay men wishing to start their family is to find a women to carry their baby. There are 2 terms that get used for this that are a bit confusing – surrogate vs. gestational carrier.  Here is the difference:

Surrogate: a surrogate is a woman who uses her own egg to become pregnant and carries the baby on behalf of another person or couple. Because the woman uses her own eggs to achieve pregnancy, a surrogate is genetically related to the baby. It is important to note that Arizona laws do not allow for surrogacy.

Gestational Carrier: is a woman who carries a baby on behalf of another person or couple that was created using a different woman’s eggs through IVF. A gestational carrier is not related to the baby that she carries. Advanced Fertility Care is proud to offer gestational carrier services to our patients.

Finding a Carrier …

There are many options for finding a carrier. Many gay men have found relatives or friends who are willing to be a gestational carrier for their baby. Many others use surrogacy agencies or online websites to connect women who want to be carriers with prospective parents. A gestational carrier must have at least one previous  successful pregnancy and delivery and be both physically and mentally healthy. At Advanced Fertility Care, we are not a gestational carrier agency, but we do have relationships with women who have been successful carriers for other patients.

Regardless of how you find a carrier, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel to understand the laws and needed steps/contracts associated with third party reproduction.